Where Are They Now?

Our very own "Friends Reunited" for Job's people...

This section is for anyone wishing to make contact with former workmates or colleagues from time spent at Job's.

Simply send us a message and we will feature it here. Any replies will be featured below the relevant message as well as being forwarded to the sender of the original message.

Like all areas of the Job's Dairy website this service is free of charge.

Looking for Judy Mitchell, Laboratory, Didcot Plant


I would like to know if my former great love Judy Mitchell is still alive and happy. She used to work at Job's Didcot. I was a young and foolish churn driver for Humphries Bros Wantage. She was employed in the laboratory.

Being young and inexperienced in romance I fell hook line and sinker. I have been happily married for over 30 years and have no wish to rekindle old flames but how this old man loved her when he was a young man!

I am now a renal patient on daily dialysis (living on borrowed time) The past was lovely.

Keith Lewis


Hi Keith,

Thank you for your heartwarming message and sorry to hear about your health problems. The word is out now so if anyone knows anything about Judy I'm sure we will get to hear about it and let you know. Job's was responsible for many romances with some lasting a lot longer than others! As you say Keith - the past was lovely!

Looking for Keith Blackmore & Richard (Chalky) White
Roundsmen, Sunbury Branch

Back in the late fifties & early sixties I used to be a milk boy helper who worked with a Job's salesman based at Sunbury depot called Keith Blackmore who was on Round 8.

Do you have any information about him?

I also went to school with Richard (Chalky)White who also worked at the Sunbury depot.


Alan Aldridge


Thanks for your message Alan. If anyone knows of Keith's whereabouts please let us know and we will pass the information on to Alan.

Does anyone remember Bob Hempstead?

I have been in contact with my distant relative (Anne Watson) in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia, and she would like to place a notice on your website to see if anyone remembers her father. His name was Wilfred Robert Hempstead, generally know as Bob.   He began work for Jobs in June 1936 delivering in Feltham, initially by horse and cart, and later by hand-held cart.   After the war he returned to the job, probably at the Teddington branch as he was living there then.   If anyone can remember him they may be able to fill in more details, and his daughter would be delighted.  

With many thanks.

Information on Harry Groves at Hampton or Didcot...


I have enjoyed browsing your website and I wondered if you have any information or memories of Harry Groves on a round at Hampton or Didcot. Also of Bill Fidgett at Didcot prior to the 1950's, he was Fred Fidgetts brother.


David Fidgett

Information on Mick Walker, Processing Floor, Hanworth Plant...

I am trying to track down Mick Walker, age around 55 - 57

We went to college together in 1973 - 5 (Reaseheath, Cheshire College of Agriculture)

I last saw him at Job's Dairy in 1985 when he was a pasteuriser operator at the Job's Dairy factory.

Does anyone know of his whereabaouts and how I can contact him?


Peter Bloomer

Looking for someone who worked at Hanworth Bottling Plant in 1982

To whom it may concern, 
I'm still trying to find a chap my father-in-law worked with at the Hanworth Bottling Plant in 1982. He can't remember his name but he lived in Hanworth and he had a problem with his hand. It was covered up or wearing a glove all the time.

They used to hang around with a guy called 'Gungy' (Terry Carey) who drove an ambulance. Any information would be great.

Thanks for your time.


Simon Patterson

Looking for Eric House


My Dad, John Skinner, is trying to find a friend, Eric House, who used to work at Jobs Dairy. My Dad and Eric worked together when my Dad was about 20 years old, he is now 76.

My parents live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they immigrated from Ireland 13 years ago.

Many thanks,
Gwen O'Toole


My name is Alan Luffrum and I worked at Ealing in the 1970's when all three Skinner brothers worked there. Willy Watson was my supervisor.

I will be 65 in a month's time and I am still a milkman for Dairy Crest - almost 50 years in the same job




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