The Roberts Foundation

The Roberts Foundation is proud to celebrate over half a century of charitable giving to Job’s pensioners and their families. Set up by HA Roberts and his two sons, Douglas and Alan, on 28 January 1958, it has been providing accommodation and distributing grants for several hundred people over the past fifty years. As well as the original three Roberts settlors, the first trustees included Ted Bradnam, Jack Bishop and Roy Culver.

The Foundation currently provides low-cost accommodation at Louisa Court in Twickenham, and also cash grants and Christmas gifts to retired ex-employees of Job’s Dairy and their families.

The current Trustees, four of whom are members of the Roberts family, are its Chairman, Simon Roberts, Susan Gregory (nee Roberts), Andrew Roberts, Eliot Roberts and Robert Culver (Secretary), Ian Pavey and Andrew R. Whitton, who was witness to the original founding document. Andrew has recently retired as a long serving and valued Trustee of The Roberts Foundation and we are delighted to welcome Mrs Ashley Gurdon as a new Trustee.

Louisa Court – named after H.A. Roberts’s mother, Louisa Job – is an apartment block of fourteen attractive flats built by the Foundation in 1966 and housed in its own landscaped grounds. Accommodation is arranged on very reasonable rental terms, and anyone interesting in being put on the waiting list should contact Simon Roberts on 01932 868685 or but it should be noted that Louisa Court is not a specialist complex, sheltered accommodation or nursing home, and is thus not specially equipped for those in need of special assistance.

Looking forward, the Roberts Foundation is committed to continuing to help take care of those who may have need of assistance and who helped to make HA Job Ltd such a happ
y and successful company.

For anyone seeking more information, contact should be made with:

Simon Roberts
The Roberts Foundation

Telephone: 01932 868685


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