Mike Rowe remembers living above the shop at Staines branch, social outings organised by his father, Bill and Job's amateur dramatics...

After browsing the Job's Dairy website I felt that I should contact you regarding one of the staff shown in the 40 minute video. The gentleman shown smelling the milk is my father William Rowe, naturally known to everyone as Bill.

His connection with Job's lasted for many years. Prior to the second world war both he and my mother were pushing barrows on milk rounds working from the dairy/shop in Kingston Road, Staines.

Staff outside the shop at Staines branch

Staff outside the shop at Staines branch which was situated in Kingston Road.
Front row, third from left are Fred & Win Fidgett with son Roger on Win's lap.

For a short while we lived in a flat over the shop before moving to a house a short distance away.

When I came into the world in 1937 my mother had given up the round but dad continued before going into war work after the outbreak of war. When the war finished he returned to Job's, this time to the plant at Hanworth, where he remained until he retired in 1975.

For many years he was the Social Secretary and I enjoyed many outings to Ice Hockey at Wembley, the Royal Tournament at Earls Court and other coach trips. I also remember going to the Kingston Empire for a Job's celebration, where the top of the bill were the Weston Brothers, Kenneth and George, who at that time were top radio personalities. I think this was in about 1946 or 47 but I don't know what the event was a celebration of.

In my latter school years I worked at Hanworth at weekends and during school holidays and also after completing National Service, before going on to a proper job. I worked in various departments including the pasteurising floor with Vic Thorpe and it is interesting to see the modernisations that are shown in the film compared to my short career there in the 1950s.

Job's had an active amateur dramatics group

"The Sport of Kings" as performed by the Job's Amateur Dramatic Society featuring Mike and his dad Bill. Some of the other cast members are mentioned in the text.

There also existed an active amateur dramatic society and I attach a couple of pictures taken at a rehearsal of "The Sport of Kings". Dad had been enlisted to play a small part and naturally being his son I got enrolled as the 15 year old son of the family. In the main picture dad appears on the extreme right and I am the lad with the blacked face (for what reason I can't remember) and on my right is Sid Newby with his wife, I think, on the extreme left. I can't remember any other names, not even that of the young girl who played my sister and who I remember was studying for her 'O' levels at the time.

A scene from "The Sport of Kings" played by the Job's Amateur Dramatics Society

A scene from "The Sport of Kings"

My brush with the Roberts family continued when I moved to Enfield and my children started to go to Bishop Stopford School. We found the headmaster to be Dr. Roberts MA who I believe was a brother of one of the Job's Roberts. It's a small world.

Good luck with your website and regards to all Job's ex employees

Yours sincerely
Mike Rowe

A young Roger Fidget, aged 11 months outside Staines shop   Roger on a milk barrow in Staines, aged 1 year
11 month old Roger Fidgett waits to greet customers outside the Staines shop...
...before embarking on his round to give the residents of Staines their daily pintas!

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