Mick Jones remembers his years spent in the Body Repair Shop at Hanworth

The Body Repair Shop when it was originally located at Hanworth Plant
The Body Repair Shop was located at Hanworth Plant on the first floor above the Garage. Frank Edwards (left) and Colin Merrill bend the metal.

Dear All,

I worked in the BRS between the years of 1971 to 1977 and have many happy memories of my time spent there.

The job was extremely varied and involved the maintenance of the Job's fleet of cars, vans, trucks, fork lifts and milk floats, we were also involved in carrying out repairs at the Hanworth plant and all of the retail branches.

The other members of the BRS team that I remember are as follows:

Mick Pierce (Manager)
Colin Merrill (Foreman)
Joe Petit (rather irate storeman!)
Frank Edwards
David Gray
John Doman
Keith Foreman
Bobby Taylor
Jim Rennie
Ralph Rose
Graham Withers

I also remember a hovercraft bulit by the BRS called "Dair-e-goes" and an aluminium spaceship built for one of the Director's son's for Christmas. I think the finest hour for the BRS was the re-spray done on a Bentley Continental which I think belonged to Christian Roberts? I also remember the Job's cows being made using the original concrete cows as a mould for glass fibre replacements.

The web-site is great and I recognise a lot of names from the re-union photo's and if you are planning another please let me know.

Best regards

Mick Jones

Michael R.Jones
Managing Director
Corniche International London

The Job's Hovercraft Dair-e-Goes on trial in Scotland

The Job's hovercraft "Dair-e-Goes" on trial in Scotland
with Mick Pierce at the controls

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