Lloyd Barrett remembers Hanworth Carnival and, much to his surprise, party nights at Ron Crockfords!

The Job's entry in the 1972 Hanworth Carnival
The Job's float in the 1972 Hanworth Carnival


Thought you might like a couple of pictures of the Job's Hanworth carnival entry in 1972. There hadn't been a carnival for a number of years, and I don't think there was another after this.

The bodies on the back from the left were:
Jack Helyer (organist with the duo, The Leasons), Corrine Bailey, Sandra Clarke (whose Dad worked at Jobs), Christine Barrett (newly married to me, the photographer), Jack's wife Francis, and Doreen 'Dot' Pott, Christine's sister.

The photos were taken in the road used to assemble the procession, next to Hanworth Air Park. Christine and Doreen had been the carnival princesses the year before, and I had worked at Acorn Motors in Hanworth before moving to the garage at Job's. As one of the organisers of the carnival, Dennis Wimsett had also been my boss at Acorn, so you can see why we had to enter the float! It was all thrown together by us in the garage in about three days - but we still managed to win a cup.

Most of the garage mechanics of the time will remember poor Dot getting drunk at one of Ron Crockford's parties, and being quite ill on his patio. Ron's parties could be legendary!

Another snippet - my sister, Jane, was married to Billy Ripley, a driver at Jobs, until she was killed in a car accident on the slip road coming off the newly opened M3 next to Job's roundabout. So happy and sad memories of Hanworth thirty five years ago.

Christine and I moved to Northamptonshire in 1972, and we're both still here. It's good to know that the Jobs 'family' are still keeping in touch. Good luck with your website, and hello to anyone who remembers us.


Lloyd Barrett

Job's Hanworth Carnival Float

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