Len recalls canteen girls, darts matches and watching the M3 being built...

Hi there from New Zealand.

I worked at Job's Hanworth plant in 1972-73 while visiting the UK. I remember it as a very happy time, and felt part of a family. It's hard to remember names from so long ago, but I think a chap called Mr Pavey was one of the managers.

I worked in the production area, in charge of cleaning and sanitizing the vats and tanks. There was also a guy called Ted someone, (Cornish name), who was a good mate.

Other memories:

Ursula, the manager's secretary, the subject of numerous wolf whistles when she made her way up to the canteen across the process floor.

One lady behind the counter in the canteen who everyone was keen on.

I remember the darts matches over in Slough where we all got a little under the weather, and I tried to drive the bus home.

Sitting in the canteen on a winter's day watching the crews building the motorway outside all huddling around the fires to keep warm, instead of working to keep warm.

Pay for the week was doubled at Christmas.

Also remember sneaking a kiss from one of the lab girls in the back room one day…Ahhh memories!

When I left to come back home to NZ, the social club put on a great night at a local pub, which I still remember fondly. What I can remember, that is!

Len Hill
New Zealand

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