Keith Lewis, former driver with Humphries Bothers, recalls cheese on toast and frozen churn lids at Didcot...

A few names from the old Didcot days to stir a few memories...

Ollie Crossingham, Albert Bailey, Ernie Coster, "Husky" Teague, Pearl (Canteen) her cheese on toast was my favourite! Sally Cheswick (Lab) Jock Crossingham, Fred Barham (Driver)  Squibb Cole (Trailerboy) Hughey Gallagher, Mr Townsend (Gardener)
Judith Mitchell (Lab).

Back then we boiled in the summer and froze in winter. I was a driver for Humphries Bros on churns. Sometimes the churn lids were frozen on and Ollie and Albert (reception) had to use a rubber panel beater's hammer to get them off.

Our lorries in those long ago days of the 1960's were mostly S type Bedfords, petrol engined (10 miles to the gallon) although we did have a few A types as shown in your video. Some of these still survive in the form of buses in Malta but are disappearing fast.

The worst thing for us drivers was having to take back the rejects as there was no space on the lorry bed. I have actually carried rejects in the cab! My lorry SRX 730 was a Bedford "S" type and carried 100 churns on the bed (no top deck). We had to watch cornering with empties as they would sometimes escape and roll all over the road.

I recall that these were the best times of my life. The work was hard but so was most work in those days. I was just 21 years old and am now almost 63. How time flies!

All the best.

Keith Lewis

Cows on the roof at Hanworth Plant
The loading bay at Didcot which holds many happy memories for Keith

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