John Mountain recalls his progression from milk floats to some of the fastest vehicles in the world...

I joined Job's in June 1958 as a trainee retail manager based at Heston.

Subsequently I managed at Feltham Parkfield and Woodley. Later I became town Area Manager. I left in 1969 to spread the gospel to Essex.

In 1986 I joined my son David in his performance engine business and became Chairman of the most successful performance engine building company in the world providing engines to hundreds of champions throughout the world. Mountune engines powered the Ford Works World Rally cars until they bought Cosworth Engineering.

I retired in 1986 aged 65 and am fortunate at 73 to still be able to walk up to 30 miles in a day but without the milk bottles.

Job's set all the standards in dairying and I can still see an elderly H A Roberts on the rampage checking out his empire. I recall some wonderful characters who helped me to learn the business but I fear most will be gone.

I was delighted to see that Andy Whitton survives and also Mr Grose. Bryan Channing put me onto the website and there will be some interested to know that I passed on the information to Chris Harris who may be in touch.

I well recall Chris Harris and Titch Taylor walking 50 miles in a very fast time.

Congratulations on your high quality website and best wishes to everyone.

John Mountain

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