Ian shares his recollections of gold top milk and cricket by the reservoir...

Ian is now enjoying a stress free life as a town crier down under


I've just caught up with your website and enjoyed some old memories. I've even got some of the old staff magazines on my bookshelves to remind me of the sixties when I cleaned, filled, stacked and creamed lots of Job's milk on the production line at Hanworth.

I cycled home to Thames Ditton clutching the statutory pint after a hard day's work. I got to play cricket for Job's 1st XI at the Milk Marketing Board after which I joined the Hampton MWB team and sunk sixes into the reservoirs along the Ham Road.

Anyhow, people I remember were John Bishop and Simon Roberts and of course the boss, Douglas!

I'm retired now and enjoy being a local town crier, volunteer FINA swimming championship driver, a performer at the last Commonwealth Games having sung in the MCG for the Opening Ceremony dressed as a pink lawn bowler doing the R & R of the sixties then singing Australia's National Anthem (the scene with the flying green tram)

Ian is now the local town crier down under!

Anyway, well done with your website and remember, Drinka Pinta Milka Day!


Ian Morrison
Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia

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