Ros & Colin Blunden recall three generations of family life at Job's dating back to the 1930's...

Ros's father Fred was manager at Basingstoke branch for many years

I have just discovered the Job's Dairy website, which I found very interesting.  I have had connections with Job's Dairy all my life  until they sold out to Unigate Dairies in 1987.  The connection was through my grandfather, father, mother, uncle, myself and my second husband. 

My grandfather worked as a lorry driver collecting milk from around all the farms. His name was William Fidgett (known as George). My father Fred Fidgett started at Hanworth as a trailer boy and then went into the TT room and used to bottle milk by hand. He then became a roundsman at Twickenham branch with my uncle, Frank Tokley, until the age of 20 when they were called up for national service.

My father after returning from war returned to Job's and was made manager at Ewell, Marsden in Oxfordshire, Didcot and then Basingstoke in October 1960 where he stayed until his retirement.  My mother Win Fidgett started at Hanworth in the office where she met my father and they married in February 1941. She used to run the office and the shops and then became head bookeeper with my father until she retired at Basingstoke. 

Ros's father Fred spent many years as manager at Basingstoke branch

I joined Job's in June 1967 at the age of 16 at Roman Road, Basingstoke where I worked with my mother and father. I am Rosalind Fidgett until I married my first husband in 1973 (Coxhead) I then divorced in 1982 and met my second husband Colin Blunden when Job's bought out West Ham Dairy in 1971.

This is who we are and we have some Book of Job's dating back to 1937, 1939 and 1941 which my mother gave me after my father passed away in February 2005.  On reading your website we wondered if you would be interested in seeing these books.  If they are of any interest to you we will send them to you on the condition they are returned to us as they are part of my Father's life.

I have now found out that I have two more aunties that worked in the plant during the war bottling milk. They were Gladys Tokley (my mother's sister) and Vera Coleman who later became my mother's sister-in-law when she married my uncle that I mentioned earlier Frank Tokley. I wonder how many more Jobites have had eight family members who worked for the same company? I think thats what you call a "Family  Dairy"!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep up the good work with the Job's website.

Ros & Colin Blunden

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