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Thank you very much for visiting the Job's website and we hope you have enjoyed your stay. The following are links which may be of interest.

Christian Roberts
Christian made a lot of friends at Job's and is fondly remembered from the time he spent with the company as a Director in the 1970's. He now lives in Barbados and has kindly sent us a link to his own website which makes an interesting visit. (If you get a blank screen when clicking on the link, simply right click on the yellow bar that appears at the top of your browser, click "Download File" then click "Open" on the window that will appear)
You can also visit Christian's own MySpace page by clicking on the link  

Milk Float Corner
An interesting and unique site dedicated to the milk float. Includes photographs, audio clips and videos of "our friends electric". Well worth a visit.

Payne & Gunter
Payne & Gunter is now owned by The Compass Group, a market leader in the catering industry. When we set up this link their new site was under construction but should be completed soon. From it's early beginnings under the Job's banner it is interesting to see how the company has progressed.

Totally Peak
The revolutionary online business directory for Derbyshire and The Peak District featuring video adverts of participating companies.

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